New look but younger ?by simple ways

Why look older than his years, there are ways to help take control of aging? This is … Aging is considered something we can not control , like a snowball rolling downhill fast moving , always moving at a time , gathering more snow and increase in size . Aging continues, and can also be hectic , like a snowball, but it should not be . We can significantly slow aging and reverse it to some extent by the process of reduction of inflammation. The truth is that we have control over the aging process and is as simple as adding a few routines in their daily lives for an average of four weeks to create a habit . Habits are the key! Inflammation is an important part of the aging process and is not a term that has been coined to describe it : Inflammaging . But guess what ? The inflammation can be reduced, reversed and prevented by knowing exactly what choices necessary lifestyle to do. Here are three essential tips to help not only the younger age, but will reduce and prevent inflammation , leading to optimal health. ~ A Tip: Avoid sugar Sugar is proinflammatory # 1 feed and accelerates aging . Sugar causes ugly up sugar in the blood, then a pic – only this action is inflammation. Sugar also causes ” glycation , which is essentially the caramelization of body tissues . When sugars and protein bio- chemical process occurs causing glycation combine . Consider these potato crisp and golden on the stove .. this same process occurs when we eat sugar. glycation causes rapid aging throughout the body , including wrinkles and sagging skin , which damages DNA. ~ Two Tip – Hydrate Most people do not realize they are walking slightly dehydrated. When you are thirsty, you are already dehydrated 1-2%. They suffer needlessly with wrinkled skin , joint pain , fatigue, weight gain , hunger, headaches and more , because their cells lack of hydration. Our body is 70 % water , it is obvious that when a cell is not hydrated , this web will slow optimal function . So when we are not well hydrated , we feel lethargic – cell function has slowed. The same is true for the weight gain. When our cells slow down, so that our metabolism does not result in excess weight . Water reduces inflammation and increased metabolism . ~ Tip Three – Reducing Stress You’ve heard that ” size does not matter ,” No not at all it is a very small and critical part of his health, longevity and youth : . Molecular genetics unit protection called telomeres . Telomeres are the caps on the ends of our chromosomes that protect our DNA. Every time our cells divide , telomeres shorten and leaves us more vulnerable to faster aging. You may think that similar to the plastic caps on the ends of shoelaces telomeres. Once the protective plastic capsule begins to decline , the lace starts to fray . A similar process is underway with our telomeres and that is what makes us vulnerable to DNA damage . Chronic stress is like fuel to an already burning fire . Our telomeres shorten much faster with stress and sugar ( see tip number one) . This is why people suffering from continuous stress tend to experience more rapid aging and poor health . The key is to grow their longer telomeres or at least keep the length as long as possible. Healthy lifestyle to make this as stress reduction. Choose to reduce stress in your life to help maintain or regain the youthful body and mind. Exercise is the number one stress reduction technique, with all other anti- aging benefits . Yoga, Tai Chi , meditation, soothing thoughts and diaphragmatic breathing – taking deep breaths belly ( breathing from the diaphragm rather than shallow breathing ), not only the stress response will be stopped in its tracks , but it is a means complete and healthy intake of oxygen. Do not go another day looking older than his age. With just these three tips greatly reduce the visible signs of aging while delaying the aging process and the creation of optimal health.

New look but younger ?by simple ways

New look

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How Eating Healthy Can Prevent Heart Disease

Obesity is a threat to health and longevity and is a serious problem for truck drivers . Obesity is an important factor for developing heart disease . Hundreds of deaths are the result of drivers losing consciousness , collapse or have a heart attack at the wheel of a heavy truck . Thousands of people were injured in accidents caused by truck drivers . Physical damage to the truck driver is one of the main causes of accidents to heart attacks is one of the main causes of accidents truck driver. We ‘ve all read the headlines about truck drivers who die of heart attacks at the wheel. In one case, a truck driver who suffers from chest pain when a tractor / trailer managed to take your car on the side of the road before dying of a heart attack driving . When rescuers arrived on the scene , he had no pulse and breathing. Were unable to revive him and he was pronounced dead at the scene. Another accident involved a truck driver who killed four people after your gas tank fell off a bridge and caught fire on a highway. The researchers concluded later, the pilot had suffered a heart attack . There are several types of heart diseases. However , the most common type of heart disease is coronary artery disease (CAD ), which can cause heart attacks , angina , heart failure and arrhythmia. A heart attack occurs when blood flow that carries oxygen to the heart muscle is severely reduced or completely cut . A plaque is the accumulation of fat, cholesterol and other substances cause the coronary arteries supplying blood to the heart over time become thicker and harder to this accumulation. A blood clot may form around the plaque blocking the artery cut and the blood flow to the heart muscle . This is what can eventually lead to a heart attack. Truck drivers can control their risk of heart attacks on the food they choose to eat . Diet plays an important role in heart health so that drivers can choose to eat healthy foods. Avoid eating refined foods such as white bread , cakes, biscuits and other products made WWW white flour. Eat brown rice and foods made from whole wheat flour , if possible. Avoid drinking tons of coffee and soft drinks sweetened with high fructose corn . Choose unsweetened tea and water for their drinks. Avoid Truck stops rate fast food like burgers , fries, potato chips, corn chips, etc. Avoid eating meat dipped in the sauce. Baked chicken or fish are the appropriate options. Also eat fresh fruits and vegetables, including plenty of salads in your diet. Cooked vegetables should be steamed to preserve the nutrients and reduce calories. Also, do not rely solely on the truck stop food to meet all your nutritional needs . Buy foods that promote heart health. Shop stores where possible to buy foods like raw nuts , pumpkin or sunflower seeds not fried salted varieties. Dried fruit and granola bars are good choices for snacks. Also, if you have a fridge or a small refrigerator in the truck that you have more options, like the ability to buy fresh fruits, vegetables , salads, etc. Eating healthy foods will give you a heart healthy and go a long way toward preventing the development of CAD , thus limiting the possibility of you having a heart attack.

How Eating Healthy Can Prevent Heart Disease

How Eating Healthy Can Prevent Heart Disease

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Recovery bypass surgery coronary

Recovery bypass surgery coronary artery is the period immediately following a heart bypass procedure intensive . While the operation itself is the most important determinant of how a patient will after the recovery period is also a very important step that must be handled with care and caution. These are the things that you can expect to find in the heart bypass surgery recovery and how to deal with them to ensure that the patient’s health is given priority and attention they truly deserve .

1 – The need for bed rest and stress reduction . This period can last from one to four weeks , depending on the patient’s health before surgery and continuing surgery way. Procedure blood loss means that the body is weak and this will make the patient tired easily during the early days of the recovery period bypass if bed rest is necessary and important.

2 – The Infection . Coronary reacquainting is an important process that requires a series of incisions and sutures. The risk of infection is very real and wound care is absolutely essential to ensure complete recovery . To do this, the services of a private nurse necessary to ensure that the wound is cleaned regularly , the indicator changes regularly and regularly administered drugs to promote healing in the shortest time possible.

3 – Heart Health . The patient’s heart should not be subjected to further physical work at the beginning of the period of the bypass surgery recovery . The heart is not strong enough to handle the increased blood flow and increased heart rate during this period. Therefore, absolute care must be taken to manage the patient’s condition , not allowing them to do much physical exertion until 3-4 weeks after surgery.

4 – Physical exercise . Once all the incisions have healed properly , it’s back to the state of the heart so that it can cope with the normal stresses of everyday life. To do this, patients must have regular exercise walking in the street or on a treadmill . However , the level of physical strength is to be maintained at a minimum at the beginning and then gradually increased as the patient gains more physical strength . It is very important to follow the routine to make sure you ‘re exercising , but kept within reasonable limits .

5 – When you resume your regular routine. The last phase of recovery after coronary bypass surgery is when patients are about to return to work or resume their normal activities. It will take about 6-8 weeks after surgery and need permission from their doctor to determine if the state of health of the patient is sufficient for their profession. They will conduct a thorough assessment and review of the derivation of the recovery phase to ensure that the patient is going through the typical stages of recovery before he or she can resume live their normal routines.

Recovery bypass surgery coronary

Recovery bypass surgery coronary, heart health, heart surgery

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Weapons Against Heart Disease

Heart disease and stroke are the number one murderers of our nation. As we become more sedentary and more obese , heart disease occurs in more severe forms and younger ages . But there are ways to prevent heart disease , if you understand the associated health problems and how to control them . Some of the contributors to heart disease and how to reduce your risk by managing your life.

High cholesterol

Cholesterol comes in two forms . LD ( low density lipoprotein ) is what is known as ” bad cholesterol.” When too much LD cholesterol circulates in the blood, it can build up on the inner walls of the arteries where plaque forms , which hardens and narrows the arteries . This condition is called atherosclerosis. Narrow arteries , it is easier for a clot to form and cause a block, and also limit the bloodstream. Approximation is the process that converts cholesterol into plaque disk that sticks to artery walls.

Cholesterol (HDL or high density lipoprotein ) is what we call ” good” cholesterol. HDL transports cholesterol from heart disease and is deposited in the liver so that the body can move . We need this high cholesterol because it protects us. If your HDL is too low, the LD cholesterol is in control.

It is important to understand your cholesterol levels and do your best to improve if they are not where they should be . Dietary cholesterol comes from animals and animal products. Eating a diet that is low in saturated fat and cholesterol , avoid things like butter, egg yolks and red meat can help reduce LD levels considerably . When you eat fat , a genre that raises the level of HDL , including olive oil , canola oil and nuts in your diet .

Cholesterol level is also affected by its legacy . Some families have a higher cholesterol than others , regardless of how they look in their diet. If you fall into this category , you may need medication in addition to getting a healthy cholesterol diet online .


The second important component in heart disease is high blood pressure . High blood pressure has no symptoms, but can lead to kidney heart disease , stroke and failure if not managed .

Puts pressure on his bat blood against the walls of the veins and arteries. This weakens the walls of the arteries and causes stress on the heart . The pressure can also cause small nicks in the arterial walls. Your body tries to repair these nicks creating small blood clots. However, if these clots become too large or break off and get stuck in an artery (especially the already reduced by the Board) , which can cause a heart attack or stroke . This is why keeping your blood pressure under control reduced the risk of heart disease . Check your blood pressure regularly to determine if you are at risk . A healthy blood pressure is that which is around 120/80 .

The Big Five

To get your lifestyle under the control and management of their blood pressure and cholesterol so that you can reduce your risk of heart disease and stroke , there are four things you need to do.


Exercise is essential for preventing heart disease. Get at least 30 minutes of physical activity at least three times a week . Regular exercise reduces cholesterol and blood pressure naturally, and can help keep your weight under control.

eat well

Reducing the amount of saturated fat in your diet. Instead , focus on eating fruits , vegetables , whole grains and lean proteins like fish and chicken. If you are overweight , get to a healthy weight for your height . A heart -healthy diet will help you lose unwanted kilos also . Avoid processed ingredients like enriched flour and syrup, foods high in fructose corn syrup .

Do not smoke

Smoking increases the risk of hypertension , heart disease , stroke and cancer.

Get antioxidants

In recent years, we have come to realize how powerful antioxidants found in the fight against the disease. Antioxidants fight free radicals that our body makes every day we process our food. Without antioxidants to fight free radicals damage cells and DNA of our body. This leads to disease and premature aging .

If you eat a healthy diet for the heart, you probably already found a good amount of antioxidants and from fruits and vegetables are very good sources. However, there are some antioxidant powers really should add to your diet . Make sure you get :

The best fruits and vegetables – artichokes , blueberries , red beans , pomegranates and tomatoes are sources of antioxidants. If you do not eat regularly, add them to your diet.

Green Tea – Research has shown that the flavored in green tea , EGcG , in particular, are some of the most potent of all antioxidants . There have been many studies that have green tea associated with reduced risk of heart disease . In particular, a study published in the Tea Council of the United Kingdom has shown green tea has a positive effect on many aspects of heart disease.

This study showed that green tea helped lower cholesterol, has anti properties – protected inflammatory arteries blood vessels and protects against the formation of blood clots. This information is powerful when you consider how easy it is to add green tea to your diet.

So arm yourself with the weapons to fight heart disease before it’s too late. Heart disease can be prevented with a healthy lifestyle – so make sure you are ready to seriously avoid this murderer .

Weapons Against Heart Disease

Heart disease, healthy heart, Heart Healthily, heart diet

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Keeping That Heart Healthily

More men and women die of heart disease than any other disease . The health of your heart depends largely on the type of life you lead , so if you like it or not , despite the factors that you have no control of what may still be a risk to healthy heart you have control overall health of the most important organ of your body. Here are some helpful tips to keep your heart beating healthily and provide your body with its blood supply important tips .

A. Avoid fats . A low-fat diet means less cholesterol , enzymes in the blood that has its heart at risk. The skin of the meat and poultry fat, and processed foods containing oils are foods that should be avoided by all means .

Two . Avoid snuff . Smoking is the main problem of the community today, with the number of nicotine addicts is increasing every day . TV commercials and advertising campaigns have been established almost everywhere , showing how cigarettes contain tons of harmful chemicals. Smoking can reduce your heart arteries and blood vessels that can lead to heart attack and hypertension. Needless to say that smoking is a big no -no if you want to keep your heart healthy.

Three . Do not forget to exercise. Even a few minutes a day of exercise mean so much to heart, the benefits you get from it , including weight reduction and a decrease in the risk of developing other diseases that are not directly related to the heart . With a healthy diet, regular exercise can help reduce and prevent stress in the heart .

April . Manage stress effectively . Physical and emotional stress can lead to conditions that have been shown to cause heart disease, so it is best to avoid these factors in keeping the heart healthy.

May . Do not drink too much. Drinking and driving has become one of the most famous of the causes of death, but drinking too much cause your blood pressure to rise. Alcoholic drinks also contain a lot of calories, which poses serious problems for the heart.

It is also important to remember that also regularly visit your doctor can make sure that your heart is not through any problems you might not be aware of. Prevention is always better than cure, so be sure to take into account the health of your heart when you decide to change your lifestyle or types of food groups enjoy in maintaining good heart health can give you a happier life , which means more time to spend with their families. Where can you go wrong ?

Keeping That Heart Healthily

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Heart Disease

Sure, you can be afraid of developing heart disease if their parents had before . Inheritance is certainly a factor has been established in numerous scientific studies. But you can take some comfort in knowing that it is only one factor and is not dominant in determining the likelihood of you suffering the same fate . In fact, you only have a one in ten chance of developing heart disease in these circumstances.

What are the true predictors of heart disease

There really is no agreement on the list of determinants . Most doctors agree that certain things such as being overweight , smoking, and having a high cholesterol count are key factors in predicting heart disease .

Look in turn :

A . Smoking. Cigarettes cause the production of platelets which clot causing clogged arteries and provide the ” platform ” on which cholesterol deposits can accumulate. This in turn restricts the flow of blood and the result is that a major cause of heart disease of blood coagulation . There are dangerous chemicals used in the production of cigarettes that facilitate the accumulation of arterial deposits and accelerates the process of developing heart disease .

Two . Cholesterol. Although the human body needs cholesterol is a known fact that we can produce it all by natural processes of the body. When we eat foods high in fat and cholesterol production accelerates the body ends with an excess is not removed . It is stored in the arteries , as described above and causing blockages in the arteries , causing a dangerous predilection for heart disease .

Three . Hypertension . It is obvious if we consider what has been covered in this short report if you have blocked arteries and restricts the flow in the arteries then there will be an accumulation of blood pressure. This simply means that there will be pressure on the artery walls and weaken them more prone to breakage . If the failure occurs in an organ such as the brain or heart , the result can be fatal or cause injury best material.

four. Obesity is another major cause of heart disease. Let’s face it , we Obesity is the natural result of overeating or eating fatty foods, which are themselves contributing factors to heart disease . Being overweight is one thing, but more recent studies indicate that it is also important to note that the stored fat in the body . Abdominal fat is now recognized as a major problem and is targeted as a first indicator of heart disease. In simple terms, the likelihood of developing heart disease increases with the size of your stomach.

five Stress. Stress is one of the things that doctors speak increasingly developing strategies to prevent heart disease. But again their parents can not blame him either. Usually it is the result of lifestyle issues that you can face you.

Heart Disease

Heart disease

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I want to talk about heartburn heart health , especially the difference between the symptoms of heartburn and associated with a heart attack . After describing the differences is that I found to be a profound statement . It basically says that people who suffer from heartburn and having involvement in heart disease a common feature . Both have poor eating habits contribute to their origin or condition. Granted genetics may be a predisposing factor at a time , but the individual increases his risk for poor nutrition . Heartburn Heart health is a serious matter that should not be forgotten . You should talk to your doctor and learn the difference between having a heart attack or heartburn , can save your life .

The main symptom of heartburn is a burning sensation behind the breastbone that develops after a heavy meal or eat or drink antagonist that trigger heartburn or acid reflux. Many people who suffer from heartburn on a regular basis can feel the valve between the stomach and esophagus and leak acid into the esophagus. As this occurs the burning starts.

Symptoms of a heart attack are similar but also some differences. Usually a person suffering a heart attack may experience .

A. Pain or discomfort in the upper body , including the arms , left shoulder , back , neck , jaw or stomach.

Two . What is commonly called angina , defined as chest pain or discomfort in the center of the chest , as described as a feeling of heaviness, tightness , pressure, aching , burning, numbness , fullness or feeling pressure that lasts more than 5 minutes or goes away and comes back.

Three . These symptoms are sometimes confused with heartburn or indigestion.

four . Difficulty breathing or shortness of breath

five . Sweating or what is called ” cold sweat “

6. Fullness , indigestion , nausea or choking feeling ( may feel like ” heartburn ” )

7. Nausea or vomiting

8. Dizziness or lightheadedness

9. Weakness or extreme anxiety, rapid or irregular heart beats.

As you can clearly see , it is very important that you know the difference between heartburn and symptoms of a heart attack . If in doubt, you should call for help immediately. Only a doctor can determine if you are indeed the victim of a heart attack .

As we continue our research on heartburn and acid reflux, it became very clear that about 95 % of the problem is curable. Remedies that really work depend on the patient to eat the right foods with low to moderate proportions. In fact , if you want to eat 5 small meals a day instead of the normal 3 , you will reduce the risk of heartburn. Our manual acidity through this in more detail . Heartburn Heart health is a serious matter . Eat well and good diet will reduce your risk of heart disease and heartburn.

Remember that if you have been diagnosed with heart disease , you should discuss your symptoms with your doctor , never a self , if you mess up can cost you your life .



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Live with health

Looking for the best recipes for lowering high cholesterol ? Are you watching closely what you eat , your eating habits, the amount of food , and perhaps your calorie intake ? Then you need to watch over this precious resource to return to good health.

First, you have to train . But make sure to exercise moderately . Do not force yourself too much because excessive movement could highlight . Second, choose the right kind of food. You must have a very low fat diet. Avoid fatty foods . If you exercise eat a diet low in fat and bad cholesterol ( LD) is definitely running when your good cholesterol (HD) will increase.

In the basic food group , there are two sources of cholesterol . One is the type of food from animals that includes foods such as cheese , butter , cream , milk and eggs. The second comes from foods that are high in saturated fats, which includes food rich in oil content , especially fried foods. This is known as trans fats , which are used in processed foods , also known as hydrogenated oil . This increases your bad cholesterol while lowering your good cholesterol in the body.

So here are the recipes for lowering high cholesterol :

First, you need to eat whole grains. These are important sources of soluble fiber , which helps your body to absorb the bad cholesterol from your blood. What you can do is simply replace your bread made from white flour with whole wheat bread or whole grain bread .

Second, eat oats for breakfast . Oats, oatmeal or oat bran cereals are in soluble fiber which helps reduce bad cholesterol rich . In addition to eating healthily and eliminate the bad cholesterol, it will help you have regular bowel movements will .

Third , choose fruit for snacks between meals or instead of junk foods with processed sugar . This is a good choice instead of eating sugary and high fat snacks. Fruits that are good sources of soluble fiber, those who are rich in vitamin C. It also contains raisins, berries and currants. Do not exaggerate because too much fruit fruit also contains sugar and insulin effects in the body , which increases cholesterol in the end, are also published.

Fourth, eat nuts . Nuts are rich in polyunsaturated fatty acids , which help lower cholesterol. It contains walnuts, almonds , pecans , peanuts, pistachios and pine nuts. But do not eat nuts because they have a lot of calories. Based on the FDA , is a handful of nuts a day is enough to reduce high cholesterol levels in the body. It could also increase the risk of heart disease.

Fifth, another source of polyunsaturated food in the extra virgin olive oil . Only the guy who says “first cold pressing. ” Olive oil helps to increase your HD or good cholesterol. Include a little extra virgin olive oil in your recipes lowers cholesterol .

Sixth, we need lots and lots of green leafy vegetables to eat. Vegetables are rich in low-fat protein . Spinach , kale and broccoli are excellent. Eat as much of it as possible. You can also garlic , avocados, legumes or beans. Guests can enjoy a delicious meal is a combination of several of these ingredients.

Finally, the fish , especially mackerel, halibut, herring , sardines, trout and fresh salmon and tuna are eating great food in your reduces cholesterol content revenues. These foods are rich in omega – 3 fatty acids that will improve your LD : HD cholesterol . They also help prevent high blood pressure and the risk of blood clots in the body. The recommended intake should be 2-3 servings of fish per week . Other sources of omega -3 in flaxseed , canola oil and linseed oil .

Live with health

Live with health

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Five Killers for women: heart disease, breast cancer, osteoporosis, depression etc.

to slow Maine life without disease to you. While there is no guarantee of life, has done enough research for long, healthy life , possibility . In order to increase women’s health, we list five medical conditions that are of great importance : heart disease, breast cancer , osteoporosis , depression and autoimmune diseases.
1 ) Heart disease: Heart disease is the leading cause of death in men and women. In women, the condition for about 29 % of deaths are responsible. But death itself is not the biggest problem for women with heart disease. The real problem is the premature death and disability. There are too many to die of heart disease in 60 years. There are (also ( women who for many years was really sick with heart disease to be out of breath , unable to walk even one flight of stairs … because heart disease reduced their capacity.
2) Breast cancer: Breast cancer is the most common cancer in women. It is the second Lung cancer is the leading cause of death in women. Experts say that the fear of breast cancer can sometimes be exaggerated , stopping women to visit their doctors for screening, or pushing women to make rash decisions about mastectomy , when it may not be necessary . There are many treatment of breast cancer. Women should learn .
3 ) Osteoporosis : Osteoporosis threatens a large number of people, of whom 68 % are women . Osteoporosis is largely preventable. Behaviors that women develop in childhood, adolescence and adulthood in their really play an important role in the development of the disease. This is because most of the body accumulate in bone mass up to 30 years. Then, holding a new bone formation and the focus is on maintenance old bones . It’s never too late to prevent bones strong and fractures.
Random Tip: American scientists have claimed that second-hand smoke are at higher risk of breast cancer. Earlier, their research also to be led to the conclusion that young women smokers are more addicted to smoking than young men. The results of breast cancer are part of a report page 1200 of the Air Resources Board , the pioneer work indeed in the U.S. self-regulatory programs
4 ) Depression : Depression seems to affect more women than men. Approximately 12 million women are affected by a depressive disorder each year. Women need that living, and if they do not have , they tend to become depressed . Sometimes hormonal changes can also trigger the disease. Static, healthy adults are the people in meaningful relationships . Adults can not maintain the relationships their risk for depression, reduced by efforts to reach the community
5 ) Autoimmune diseases Autoimmune diseases are a group of diseases in which the body’s immune system and destroyed or altered tissues. There are more than 8 – serious chronic illnesses in this category, including lupus, multiple sclerosis and type 1 diabetes .
It is estimated that 75% of autoimmune disease occurs in women . By themselves , each disease is considered rare , except for diabetes , thyroid disease and lupus, but as a group , the disease is the fourth leading cause of disability in women. It is not known what causes the body to rotate itself , but genetic , hormonal and environmental factors are suspected.
As autoimmune diseases are not well understood , specific risk factors is difficult. Specific hinder the correct diagnosis – symptoms may not be. If you know that something is wrong with you or a loved one , but it is important to have an active advocate for health. It is very common for women to make several visits to several doctors to finally get a diagnosis , but someone should take their symptoms seriously.

Five Killers for women: heart disease, breast cancer, osteoporosis, depression etc.

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