medicine for osteoporosis,

1.Which is osteoporosis, and which is
what you think?
Osteoporosis is a disease in which bones become less
dense, lose strength, and are more likely to break (fracture).
Some people with osteoporosis bone describe
“Swiss cheese.” Even the word, osteoporosis, drift
osteo Greek, meaning bone and osteoporosis, with
holes. Osteoporosis occurs mainly in women
medium and later age, but can also occur in men and children.
In children, the new bone is formed more rapidly than
decomposes so that the bone grows all
time. In adults, bone undergoes constant and regular
process in which new bone is formed and old bone is
simultaneously broken and relatively uniform
rate. When more bone being lost is formed,
osteopenia and osteoporosis is developed.

medicine for osteoporosis,

medicine for osteoporosis

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